Tuesday, June 24, 2008

JUNE 2008 : Feeling Klausical

Allan and I are separated this month but never fear, we'll be reunited in July! Maybe we'll do an all-USA show?! Hmmm.... I didn't mean to skimp out on the show-length this time. Tune in next month for the full 2 hours and all our usual entertaining babble.

PLAYLIST for June 2008:

KLAUS NOMI, "The Cold Song", s/t, 1981, USA
TANGERINE DREAM, "Barbakane", Poland, 1983, Poland
HARMONIA, "Dino", Music von Harmonia, 1974, Germany
SILVER APPLES, "Ruby", Contact, 1969, USA
LEVIATHAN, "Angel of Death", s/t, 1974, USA
ARKTIS, "Rare Girl" (excerpt), s/t, 1974, Germany
BLACK WIDOW, "Attack of the Demon", Sacrifice, 1970, UK
ADELBERT VON DEYEN, "Sternzeit" (excerpt), Sternzeit, 1978, Germany
CHARLES DE GOAL, "Exposition", Commemoration, 1989, France
NEIL YOUNG, "Sample and Hold", Trans, 1982, USA
JEAN MICHELE JARRE, "Equinoxe, part. 5", Equinoxe, 1978, France
LA DUSSELDORF, "Rheinita", Viva, 1979, Germany
HARMONIA, "Monza (Rauf und Runter)", Harmonia Deluxe, 1975, Germany
FREE, "Mouthful of Grass", s/t, 1969, UK
ARIF SAG, "Osman Pehlivan", v/a Obsession, 2008, Canada


Related video:

Klaus Nomi performing Cold Song live in Germany shortly before his death.

Monday, June 23, 2008

May 2008 : Cluster LIVE on the air!

Here it is... Our sub-par interview with Cluster. Ha. Well it is what it is. We were so busy getting the tour together and then operating and managing the tour and the band that we barely our brains together to ask them Intelligent Questions. Ah well... We did get a bit of oral history later after the mics were off (of course) as did Bucky and Marcus who were helping with the tour and ended up taking the duo out to dinner at Blue Plate while AC was getting ready for DONUTS! at the Knockout - which Roedelius DJd !!!


Photos from DONUTS on May 26th with DJ Roedelius of Cluster!

Roedelius and Moebius love DONUTS!

Cluster live at Henry Miller Library on May 23rd (with visuals on the surrounding redwoods!)

Oh wait - there's a much better interview than ours here:

And our friend and ex-AQ employee Jeff conducted an audio-only interview with Roedelius in the fall of 2007 and the 1st part is here:

April 2008 : Klaus

PLAYLIST for April 2008:

KLAUS SCHULZE, "Constellation Andromeda", Dreams, 1986, Germany
OMEGA, "Late Night Show", from V/A Super Rock Festival, 1977, Germany
EDUARDO BORT, "Pictures Of Sadness", s/t, 1975, Spain
T2, "Highway, s/t, 1971, UK
GRACIOUS!, "Super Nova", This Is..., 1972, UK
MAN, "Alchemist", s/t, 1971, Wales
TANGERINE DREAM, "Cyclone", Cyclone, 1978, Germany
CLUSTER, unreleased live in Berlin 2007, Germany
EIKO ISHIBASHI & TATSUYA YOSHIDA, "Planet Of Reverberation", Slip Beneath The Distant Sea, 2007, Japan
RUINS, "Prog. Rock Medley", Refusal Fossil, 1997, Japan
TAIRIKUOTOKU VS. SANMYAKUONNA, "Strong Kiosk", 1994, Japan
IMAHORI TSUNEO & TATSUYA YOSHIDA, "Quantum", Dots, 2008, Japan
NEU!, "Spitzenqualitat", Neu! 2, 1972, Germany
DEUTER, "Celebration of the Moment Part 1", Celebration, 1976, Germany
TUSSLE, "Split Seconds", unreleased
JONAS REINHARDT, "Modern by Nature's Reward", unreleased, USA
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE, "Part 5", Oxygene, 1976, France
C.L.A.W.S. & AC, "Untitled", unreleased, USA
DEAD HEAT, "Damne Petite Sophie", from V/A IVG: French Anterieur 1979-1985, recorded 1980, France
THOMAS DINGER, "Alleewalzer", Fur Mich, Germany
C.L.A.W.S. & AC, "Untitled 2", unreleased, USA


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Related video:


March Madness

Due to intensive scheduling for the upcoming CLUSTER tour, Allan and AC failed to do a new show for March 2008. SCHWOOPS. We apologize to our at least three fans!! :(

BUT hopefully some of you made it to one or more of our shows that were part of the CLUSTER CALIFORNIA TOUR 2008! Each show was held in an unusual venue (for this type of music anyways) and featured a totally different lineup of openers for Cluster. After each show they got to meet their enthusiastic, multi-generational audience and loved it!

We had a bunch of people filming the tour for us and hopefully will be able to put out a dvd in the future. Yeah!

In the meantime here are a couple videos people shot that we found online:


February 2008 : Allan Is From Progsylvania

AC's plane was delayed out of the EU so she had just gotten in right when the show was supposed to start. Sadly, Allan had to man the decks solo this time. :(

PLAYLIST for February 2008:

VISITORS, "Dies Irae", Vistors, 1974, France
AINIGMA "Diluvium", Diluvium, 1973, Germany
GNIDROLOG, "Long Live Man Dead", In Spite Of Harry's Toe-Nail, 1972, UK
ALRUNE ROD, "Hej Du", Hej Du, 1970, Denmark
HAIKARA, "Geafar", Geafar, 1974, Finland
GUAPO, "King Lindorm", Elixirs, 2008, UK
CORNUCOPIA, "Day Of A Daydreambeliever", Full Horn, 1973, Germany

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January 2008 : Totally Themeless Mix

PLAYLIST for January 2008:

CURVED AIR, "Ultra-Vivaldi", Phantasmagoria, 1972, UK
ARTHUR BROWN'S KINGDOM COME, "Time Captives", Journey, 1972, UK
PIERRE BASTIEN, "Sans Titre", Les Premieres Machines 1968-1988, France
THE CEYLEIB PEOPLE, "Aton I", Tanyet, 1967, USA
ART BEARS, "Moeris Dancing", Hopes & Fears, 1978, UK
ALPHA BETA, "Astral Abuse", 7" single, 1971, Greece
GONG, "Magik Moth Invocation", You, 1974, UK
JEAN-CLAUDE VANNIER, " ", L'Enfant Assassin des Mouches, 1972, France
SPACECRAFT, " ", Paradoxe, 1978, France
GERMAN OAK, "Nibelungenlied 1", Niebelungenlied (1972-76), 1992, Germany
KALACAKRA, "Nearby Shiras", Crawling To Lhasa, 1972, Germany
SPACE ART, "Hollywood Flanger", Trip In The Center Head, 1977, France
COLOSSEUM II, "The Dark Side Of The Moog", Strange New Flesh, 1976, UK
EROC, "Norderland", Eroc I, 1975, Germany
SPACE ART, "Eyes Shade", Trip In The Center Head, 1977, France
TRAD GRAS OCH STENAR, "Amithaba-In kommer Gosta", Djunggelns Lag, 1971, Sweden
THE OSCILLATION, "Violations", Out Of Phase, 2007, UK
GLASS CANDY, "Last Night I Met A Costume", Beat Box, 2007, USA
QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA, "Il Cieco", Quella Vecchia Locanda, 1972, Italy
EAST OF EDEN, "Isadora", Mercator Projected, 1969, UK
HERBERT F. BAIRY, "Runnin'", Traumspiel, 1979, Germany

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Related video:

Newer UK band THE OSCILLATION playing live in 2007.

December 2007 : Soundtracks Vol. 1

Dur. We forgot a LOT of records on our way to the studio so we'll do a Volume 2 of soundtracks within the next year!!!

SOUNDTRACKS Vol. 1 PLAYLIST for December 2007:

VIRUS, "X-mas Submarine", v/a Heavy Christmas, 1971, Germany
TANGERINE DREAM, "Grind" & "Rain Forest", Sorcerer OST, 1977, USA
WANG CHUNG, "Black-Blue-White", To Live And Die In LA OST, 1985, USA
PINK FLOYD, "The Nile Song", Music From The Film More, 1969
GOBLIN, "Snip Snap", Patrick OST, 1979, Italy
TANGERINE DREAM, "Father and Son Ressurection 2", Near Dark OST, 1987, USA
VANGELIS, "Alpha", Carl Sagan's COSMOS OST, 1981, USA
MORTE MACABRE, "Apoteosi Del Mistero", Symphonic Holocaust, 1998, Sweden
LIBRA, "The Shock", Schock OST, 1977, Italy
GOBLIN, "La Caccia", Zombi (aka Dawn of The Dead) OST, 1978, Italy
SILVESTER LEVAY, "Chase", Cobra OST, 1986, USA
OSANNA, "Preludio", Colonna Sonora Del Film Milano Calibro 9 OST, 1972, Italy
VANGELIS, "Chromatique", Opera Sauvage OST, 1979, France
RIZ ORTOLANI, "Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme), Cannibal Holocaust OST, 1980 (issued 2004), Italy
TANGERINE DREAM, "The Dream Is Always The Same", Risky Business OST, 1983, USA
POPOL VUH, "Aguirre I", Aguirre OST, 1976, Germany
ELO, "I'm Alive", Xanadu OST, 1980, UK
ROBERT WYATT, "Solar Flares Burn For You", Solar Flares Burn For You, c. 1972 (issued 2003), UK
KEITH EMERSON, "Mater Tenebrarum", Inferno OST, 1980, UK
MAURICE JARRE, "Love Dreams", Dreamscape OST, 1984, USA
JAN HAMMER, "Chase", Miami Vice OST, 1985, USA
CHRISTIAN VANDER (MAGMA), "Malawelekaahm", Wurdah Itah, 1974, France
CAN, "Mother Sky", Soundtracks, 1970, Germany
GOBLIN, "Deep Shadows", Profondo Rosso OST, 1975, Italy
NEIL NORMAN AND HIS COSMIC ORCHESTRA, "Dark Star", Greatest Science Fiction Hits II, 1999, USA
JOHN CAMERON (with FROG), "Psychomania Front Title", Psychomania OST, 1972 (issued 2003), UK
FLUTE & VOICE, "Ecce Navicula", v/a Heavy Christmas, 1971, Germany


Yes, AC tried to play a youtube video. [I'm sorry.] It was purely due to the fact that the Popul Vuh soundtrack to Werner Herzog's short film about the Swiss ski-jumper Steiner (Great Ecstasy of Sculptor Steiner) isn't available anywhere as far as I can tell. If anyone knows if the soundtrack has ever been released on anything, please let us know!! It's one of the greatest, most dynamic soundtracks in relation to the imagery I've ever heard. Been looking for info on it for ages.... There's a reuse of the imagery in a music video made by LA band Health which doesn't have the same impact as the film (with Herzog's uber-tense hero-development of Steiner) but I suppose it's flattering!

Related videos:

Trailer for the DVD release of the German 1977 TV show Notwehr featuring GURU GURU as the band Rattenfanger.

Opening sequence from Werner Herzog's 1974 short film Die Grosse Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Steiner with an incredible soundtrack by Popul Vuh.

November 2007 : UK is OK

Threw some of our faves from the UK into the mostly German mix.

PLAYLIST for November 2007:

GRACIOUS, "Introduction", Gracious!, 1970, UK
TRIUMVIRAT, "Triangle", Illusions On A Double Dimple, 1974, Germany
CURVED AIR, "It Happened Today", Air Conditioning, 1970, UK
CLUSTER, "21'52"", '71, 1971, Germany
YA HO WA, "Ho", Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony, 1974, USA
MICHAEL ROTHER, "Sterntaler", Sterntaler, 1978, Germany
CLUSTER & ENO, Steinsame, Cluster & Eno, 1977, Germany
MATCHING MOLE, "Instant Kitten", s/t, 1972, UK
SELDA, "Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar", 1976, Turkey (Appears on V/A Love, Peace & Poetry, Turkish Psychedelic Music)
SECOND LIFE, "Raiders Of The Night", s/t, 1971, Germany
CIRCLE, "Lokki", Sunrise, 2002, Finland
ACHIM REICHEL, "Warum Peter Nur Nach Ferren Macht", AR3, 1972, Germany
FAUST, "Miss Fortune", Faust I, 1971, Germany
CURVED AIR, "Vivaldi", Air Conditioning, 1970, UK
ROBERT FRIPP AND THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, "Inductive Resonance", The League Of Gentlemen, 1981, UK
GENTLE GIANT, "Prologue", Three Friends, 1972, UK
SOFT MACHINE, "Have You Ever Been Green", Soft Machine Volume II, 1969, UK
SPACE ART, "Ode On A Clavius", Space Art, 1977, France
LILIENTAL, "Adell", s/t, 1978, Germany
Adelbert Von Dyen, "Per Aspera Ad Astra, a) Mental Voyage" (edit), STERNZEIT, 1978, Germany
LOS BLOBS, "Allegro Ma Non Troppo", Marzo, 1973, Chile
EAST OF EDEN, "Centaur Woman", Mercator Projected, 1969, UK
NEU!, "Hallo Gallo", Neu!, 1972, Germany

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Related video:

The Soft Machine live in 1967 on the Hoepla TV show.

October 2007 : Kosmische-ish

PLAYLIST for October 2007:

KRAFTWERK, "Franz Schubert", Trans-Europa Express, 1977, Germany
CLUSTER, "Heisse Lippen", Zuckerzeit, 1974, Germany
ASH RA TEMPEL, "Deep Distance", New Age Of Earth, 1977, Germany
SPACE ART, "Aquarella", Space Art, 1977, France
ZOMBI, "Digitalis", Surface To Air, 2006, USA
JEAN COHEN-SOLAL, "Concerto Cyclique", Flutes Libres, 1974, France
EROC, "Krieg Der Zwerge", Eroc 4, 1982, Germany
VAN DER GRAAF, "Lizard Play", The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome, UK, 1977, UK
WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND, "Suppose They Gave A War And Nobody Came", Vol. 2, 1967, USA
TRAD GRAS OCH STENAR, "Sanningens Silverflod", Trad Gras Och Stenar, 1970, Sweden
ARKTIS, "Student's Idyll", Arktis, Germany, 1974, Germany
KUBERO DIAZ Y LA PESADA, "Todo Es Rock", Kubero Diaz Y La Pesada, 1973, Argentina
TRIUMVIRAT, "E Minor 5/9 Minor /5", Mediterranean Tales (Across The Waters), 1972, Germany
AMON DUUL II, "In the Glassgarden", Tanz der Lemminge, Germany, 1971, Germany
CAN, "Turtles Have Short Legs", Cannibalism II, 1990, Germany, (Released in UK)
SNOWY RED, "Blood Blood Blood", Snowy Red, 1981, Belgium
ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE, "Medley: After I Bought My Siel...", The Art Of Being, 1982, Holland, (Released 2007, US)
MICHAEL ROTHER, "Erlkonig", Fernwarme, 1972, Germany
CATAPILLA, "Reflections", Changes, 1972, UK
HAWKWIND, "You'd Better Believe It", Hall Of The Mountain Grill, 1974, UK
CAN, "One More Day", Out Of Reach, 1978, Germany
KOLLEKTIV, "Rambo Zambo", Kollektiv, 1973, Germany
KLAUS SCHULZE, "Crystal Lake", Mirage, 1977, Germany


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Related video:

Amon Duul II performing live 1971.

September 2007 : More Rock Less Talk

Trying to keep the babble to a minimum...

PLAYLIST for September 2007:

YES, "And You And I", Close To The Edge, 1972, England
J.A. CAESAR, track four, Kokkyou Junreika, 1973, Japan
SMASH, "Behind The Stars", Esta Vez Venimos A Golpear, 1971, Spain
PEOPLE, "Shomyo Pt. 2", Ceremony-Buddha Meet Rock, 1971, Japan
LISKER, "Kalean Festa", Lisker, 1979, Spain
LOS DUG DUG'S, "Smog", Smog, 1972, Mexico
FOCUS, "Hocus Pocus", Moving Waves, 1971, Holland
I TEOREMI, "Il Dialogo D'Un Pazzo", s/t, 1972, Italy
IL ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA, "Absent For This Consumed World", Contaminazione, 1973, Italy
IL ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA, "Ora Non Ricordo Pui", Contaminazione, 1973, Italy
NECRONOMICON, "Requiem Der Natur", Tips Zum Selbstmord, 1972, Germany
LEAFHOUND, "Freelance Fiend", Grower Of Mushrooms, 1971, England
NECROMANDUS, "Nightjar", 1973, England (from Necrothology)
XYZ, "Telephone Secrets", XYZ Sessions, 1981, England
ROEDELIUS, " ", Gift Of The Moment, 1984, Germany
GERMAN OAK, "Dankwart, Ruediger & Hildebrand", Nibelungenlied, circa 1972-1976, Germany
THE HAPPY DRAGON-BAND, "Positive People", The Happy Dragon-Band, 1978, USA
THIERY MULLER, "Breaking Point Part 1", 1978, France (from Rare & Unreleased 1974-1984)
KRAFTWERK, "Heavy Metal Kids", live on Bremen Radio, 1971, Germany
SIDDHARTHA, "Looking In The Past", Weltschmerz, 1975, Germany
EROC, "Kleine Eva", Eroc, 1975, Germany
JENGHIZ KHAN, "The Moderate", Well Cut, 1970, Belgium
PETER HAMMILL, "Sunshine", Fools Mate, 1971, England
POPUL VUH, "Agape Agape", Agape Agape - Love Love, 1983, Germany

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Related video:

FOCUS performing Hocus Pocus live (and nearly in double-time!) in 1973.

August 2007 : Back to Deutschland

We decided to come back to the motherland of Krautrock for this show. All tracks are from German bands or recordings unless otherwise noted.

PLAYLIST for August 2007:

TON STEINE SCHERBEN, "Macht Kaputt, Was Euch Kaputt Macht", Warum Geht Es Mir So Dreckig?, 1971
GUNTHER SCHICKERT, "Puls", Uberfallig, 1979
NOVALIS, "Dronsz", Novalis, 1975
GILA, "Around Midnight", Nightworks, 1972
ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE, "Untitled 1", Ultra Period, unreleased, 1980, Netherlands
AGITATION FREE, "Haunted Island", 2nd, 1973
ADELBERT VON DEYEN, "Silverrain", Atmosphere, 1980
CLUSTER, "Odessa", Curiosum, 1981
CLUSTER and ENO, "Schon‘ H┼ánde", Cluster & Eno, 1977
DIETER MOEBIUS, "Hasenheide", Tonspuren, 1983
DIETER MOEBIUS, "April", Nurton, 2006
CLUSTER, "Sowiesoso", Sowiesoso, 1976
HANS-JOACHIM ROEDELIUS, "Al Jarhr Wieder", Selbstportrait II, 1980
MICHAEL ROTHER, "Karussell", Flammende Herzen, 1976
DIETER MOEBIUS and GERD BEERBOHM, "Doppelschnitt", Double Cut, 1983
HARMONIA, "Almost", Harmonia 76, 1976
CLUSTER, "James", Zuckerzeit, 1974
LA DUSSELDORF, "Silver Cloud", La Dusseldorf, 1976
HARMONIA, "Notre Dame", De Luxe, 1975
MY SOLID GROUND, "The Executioner", My Solid Ground, 1971
MAMMUT, "Bird Mammut", Mammut, 1971
ARIEL PINK, "Foilly Foibles/GOLD", Worn Copy, 2005, USA
P205, "All Right", P205, 1976
OUT OF FOCUS, "L.S.B.", Four Letter Monday Afternoon, 1972

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Related video:

Short segment on K/CLUSTER made from stills and album art from a German television special.

July 2007 : Mostly Italian Prog...

In great anticipation for her upcoming holiday in Italy (with friend, co-director of Bad Date, and former Aquarius Records employee, Sadie Shaw) AC suggested to Allan that they emphasize Italian artists. Allan agreed. We also had a gig to DJ at a pizza party in SF but I'm not sure if anyone went there for us or for the pizza...

PLAYLIST for July 2007:

NEW TROLLS, "1st Tempo: Allegro", Concerto Grosso No.1, 1971, Italy
LE ORME, "Aliante", Contrappunti, 1974, Italy
HRVATSKI, "Plancton", Various Artists, What's Your Function? A Tribute To Franco Battiato, 2004, USA *
GUNTER SCHICKERT, "Wald", Samtvogel, (self-released) 1974, Germany
GOBLIN, "Profondo Rosso", Profondo Rosso OST, 1975, Italy
GOBLIN, "Gemini", Tenebrae OST, 1982, Italy
GOBLIN, "Slow Circus", Tenebrae OST, 1982, Italy
CLUSTER, "Helle Melange", Curiosum, 1981, Germany
TETRAGON, "Jokus", Nature, 1971, Germany
SAND, "Helicopter", Golem, 1974, Germany
PAUL BRADBURY, "Professor Fuddle's Fantastic Fairy Tale Machine", Professor Fuddle's Fantastic Fairy Tale Machine, 1973, Canada
RAINBOW FFOLLY, "Hey You", Sallies Fforth, 1968, UK
DANNY BEN-ISRAEL, "A Different Song", Bullshit 3 1/4, 1970, Israel
FLAMEN DIALIS, "Decouverte", single, 1978, France
SENSATIONS' FIX, "Spacer Energy Age", Fragments Of Light, 1974, Italy
ADELBERT VON DEYEN, "Moonrise", Nordborg, 1979, Germany
JACULA, "Magister Dixit", In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum, 1969, Italy
MADE IN GERMANY, "In The Hell", Made In Germany, 1971, Germany
ELECTRIC SANDWICH, "Nervous Creek", Electric Sandwich, 1972, Germany
HAZE, "Peaceful Nonsense", Hazecolor-dia, 1971, Germany
CIRCUS 2000, "You Aren't Listening", An Escape From A Box, 1972, Italy
FRANCO BATTIATO, "Meccanica", Fetus, 1972, Italy
EROC, "Nebelwelt", Eroc II, 1976, Germany
MANUEL GOTTSCHING, "Quasarphere", Inventions For Electric Guitar, 1975, Germany
MANUEL GOTTSCHING, "Pluralis", Inventions For Electric Guitar, 1975, Germany
TETRAGON, "Fugue", Nature, 1971, Germany

* The original "Plancton" can be found on Franco Battiato's album Pollution, 1973, Italy

LISTEN to the show here

Related video:

A section of scenes from Dario Argento's 1982 horror film, TENEBRAE.
Soundtrack by GOBLIN.

June 2007 : Our 1st Show!

PLAYLIST for June 2007:

MAGMA, "Klaus Klombalad", single, 1972, France
MOEBIUS and REINZEHAUSEN, "Hydrator", Ersatz, 1990, Germany
CIRCLE, "Black Tape" and "State Powder", Panic, 2007, Finland
CLUSTER, "Isodea", Grosses Wasser, 1979, Germany
BERNARD SZAJNER, "Welcome (To Death Row)", Some Deaths Take Forever, 1980, France
MOEBIUS and BEERBOHM, "Subito", Strange Music, 1982, Germany
SEESSELBERG, "Overture", Synthetik 1, 1972, Germany
ROEDELIUS, "Fabelwein" and "Prinzregent", Selbstportrait, 1979, Germany
FAR EAST FAMILY BAND, "Entering - Times", Parallel World, 1976, Japan METABOLISMUS, "Spiel 2", Terra Incognita, 1986, Germany
THOMAS DINGER, "Fur Dich", Fur Mich, 1982, Germany
ASHRA, "77 Slightly Delayed", Blackouts, 1977, Germany
MESSAGE, "Dreams And Nightmares (Dreams)", From Books And Dreams, 1973, Germany
ELOY, "Future City", Inside, 1973, Germany
KRAFTWERK, "Ruckzuck", Kraftwerk 1, 1970, Germany
MICHAEL ROTHER, "Blauer Regen", Sterntaler, 1977, Germany
CHRIS SQUIRE, "Lucky 7", Fish Out of Water, 1975, England
EMBRYO, "Strasse Nach Asien", Embryo's Reise, 1979, Germany
LUTZ RAHN, "Dracula's Kiss", Solo Trip, 1978, Germany
KLAUS SCHULZE, "Georg Trakl", X, 1979, Germany
NOVALIS, "Blauer Morgen", Neumond, 1982, Germany

Related video:

Seesselberg doing a live version of "Synthetic" in front of a stunned crowd.

KLAUS TO THE EDGE RADIO :: one year anniversary

Greetings to our faithful and new listeners. Wie gehts?

KLAUS TO THE EDGE is a pirate radio show based out of San Francisco which features Krautrock, Prog, Heavy Psych and Minimal Electronic music. The show is hosted by Allan of Aquarius Records and AC (Alison) of AC/AC design.

Allan and I are starting this blog to post our radio shows and to talk a little bit more about events we're involved in or other things we're excited about. We hope to see you at Allan's store (aQuarius Records) and at shows that I put together through DONUTS! or Projektor - or maybe even at shows that I do visuals for which might be anywhere in the world... Yeay! Our permanent show page can be found at our rad little community pirate radio station in SF called West Add Radio. There are different shows on there for all sortsa music and entertainment tastes : italo, boogie, gemini disco, oldies & soul, grime, space-trance, death-metal, rock, minimal techno, gentlemans techno, drug talk radio, pancakes, donuts and more.

Feel free to send us your music for radio play! You can send it to Allan's attention at aQuarius Records, 1055 Valencia Street, SF CA 94103 USA c/o KLAUS TO THE EDGE. It won't be a guarantee that we can play it right when you send it, but you never know.

You'll be able to find tracklistings, related videos and show posts here as well as on our W.A.R. page. Oh and here is the link for our podcast (for easy personal updating into your iTunes).

Thanks for tuning in and for your patience through our awful intrashow babble.

AC & Allan