Friday, November 28, 2008

October 2008 : Spirit of the Age

Here's our show from October... Enjoy.


METABOLISMUS, "Blinker", Spriesswartsdrall, 1998, Germany
CHRIS & COSEY, "Useless Information", Heartbeat, 1981, UK
NAGISA NI TE, "Close By Night", Yosuga, 2008, Japan
DELIA GONZALEZ & GAVIN RUSSOM, "Rise", The Days Of Mars, 2005, USA
KRISMA, "C-Rock", Chinese Restaurant, 1977, Italy
HAWKWIND, "Spirit Of The Age", Quark Strangeness & Charm, 1977, UK
PETER HAMMILL, "The Institute Of Mental Health Is Burning", Nadir's Big Chance, 1975, UK
STEVE HILLAGE, "Aftaglid" (alternate original 'power trio' backing track version), Fish Rising, 1975, UK
BERNARD FEVRE, "Sunshine On March", Cosmos 2043, France
ASHRA, "Oasis", Correlations, 1979, Germany
ANGEL, "Tower", Angel, 1975, USA
STONE HARBOUR, "Witch To You", Emerges (bonus track), 1975, USA
AKIRA ISHIKAWA & COUNT BUFFALO, "Battle", Uganda, 1972, Japan
GRAUZONE, "Film 2", Grauzone, 1981, Switzerland
COMBAT ASTRONOMY, "I Can't Breathe", Dreams No Longer Hesitate, 2008, USA/UK
KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT, "Between Skylla And Charybdis", The Nebulous Dreams, 2008, Belgium
MELTING GLASS BOX, "Kimi Ha Dare Nanda", Melting Glass Box, 1970, Japan
BERNARD FEVRE, "Pendulum", The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre, 1975, France
PELOQUIN, "Monsieur L'Indien", Sauvageau, 1972, Canada
GRAUZONE, "In Der Nacht", Grauzone, 1981, Switzerland

:: OCTOBER 2008 SHOW ::

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Klaus To The Holidays

We're a little behind on our show and playlist updates in case you few but faithful listeners haven't noticed! AC's been stuck in Berlin for weeks and shamefully not record shopping and Allan's been busy with pre-holiday Aquarius Records mail orders... However, Allan did have the opportunity recently to welcome Jussi from one of our favorite Norwegian bands, Circle, into the studio and we'll post that as soon as AC can find the link inside the West Add online audio vault. In other news, we'll resume with our monthly show this December! Exciting eh?
xoxo - your everloving KLAUS DJs