Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two Hours of Krautrock & White Hills... Looking Back

WOW. Thanks to everyone who came out and appreciated the intensive German TV Krautrock onslaught we were able to unleash upon you. We'll be doing it again - perhaps in January 2009 - since it was such a success. TWO HOURS OF KRAUTROCK III will feature a few of the videos we ran out of time to show plus some of the videos shown at our 1st screening that many of you may have missed as well as some footage that we can't talk about right now! Also THANK YOU White Hills for two great shows over the weekend - Friday night in BIG SUR!! And our show on Monday.

Stay tuned for a new radio show featuring both Allan and AC together again in the San Francisco studio airing live on Wednesday the 15th... PLUS Allan may conduct a short addendum to the show later in the week with a special guest in the studio!! Shhhhhh.... it's a surprise.

As always thanks for listening to the show and be sure to attend the disco FERRARI parties in SF to support our little pirate radio station!!!

xoxo ALLAN & AC